SKLT’s laser multiwire technology joins thick materials, wide gaps

laser joining that can handle thick steel and aluminum sheet

Image provided by SKLT GmbH

Strahlkraft Lasertechnik (SKLT) has introduced a new technology for laser joining that can handle thick steel and aluminum sheets. The process allows laser use on plate thicknesses up to 10 mm as an alternative to the electric arc process.

Laser multiwire technology is based on a laser processing head from Scansonic. At the process point, several filler wires converge and are simultaneously melted by an oscillating laser beam. This creates seams up to 10 mm wide in a single operation, depending on the number of filler wires used and the process parameters.

An autofocus keeps the spot size constant even when component position shifts, keeping the process smooth under erratic joining conditions. The process is efficient in applying individual homogenous layers during surface finishing. All materials available in wire form can be used in such processes.

This technology can create fillet welds at T-joints or lap joints with steel or aluminum materials that require large adhesion widths or seam volumes for manufacturing ships, construction machines, railway vehicles, machine frames, and containers.

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