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MANUFACTURING has captured the public’s imagination. Could 3-D printing change everything? Cars? Entire airplanes? Those who work in manufacturing have imaginations too, but they’re grounded in current manufacturing realities. They know additive manufacturing won’t revolutionize all of fabrication, at least not tomorrow. But unlike the futurists who grab the headlines, people on the fabrication shop floor are using additive manufacturing right now. Outside the hype, they’re quietly making production faster, better, and more cost effective.

A high-end fabrication shop may adopt certain laser- or electron-beam-based metal additive technologies to produce specialized parts that couldn’t be made any other way. A precision sheet metal fabricator may contract with an additive provider to print composite tools designed for certain forming applications. A large fabricator designs and prints custom end-effectors for robots to manipulate odd-shaped sheet metal components. Another shop designs a fixture to hold a tiny, formed sheet metal component in the right orientation for inspection.

This is where additive manufacturing is making a real difference—not next year or the next decade, but right now on the fabrication shop floor. The Additive Report is there to tell that story as it unfolds.

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